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Mate just wanted to recognize the big difference 2nd Nature team are having on Amalia and Kalen's development. You guys are really helping not only in skill development but confidence. It is chalk and cheese seeing the difference year on year in the kids. I don't think that the attached would have been possible without you and the 2nd Nature Football team - Mr T

"For the past year, my son Dominic has been receiving soccer tuition from Travis at 2nd Nature Football. It has been so refreshing to see the professionalism, expertise and care demonstrated by Travis which has translated to direct improvements in my son's technical skills, ability and fitness. My son has been to many coaches, academies and soccer programs and what stands out to me about Travis is his ability to be able to deliver tailored development to his students in way that is fun, encouraging and challenging which means my son can continually improve whilst also enjoying the game that he loves. I'd happily recommend Travis to anyone and encourage you to contact Travis and benefit from his knowledge, experience, expertise and approach." - Jodie

"Travis is the best personal  coach my son has had.  His training sessions are varied, and offer a range of technical skills and advice, fitness and confidence building. He plans sessions based on his own assessments as well as my son’s perception of what he needs.  The skills and fitness are very valuable, but sometimes the best part of the session is the explanation. He doesn’t just show how something is done, he explains it, so that how to do it and why you do it are easier to understand and put into practice. His confidence building attitude is also a huge benefit. All in all, my son plays better and is more confident having  Travis  as a trainer, and knowing someone ‘has his back’." - Jen

"My son Ben, age 12, has been having 1-1 coaching with Travis for 3 months. In that time his confidence and skill levels have improved significantly. Travis makes every session enjoyable yet challenging and effective and Ben really looks forward to his weekly workout. Travis is 100% reliable and very passionate about helping kids reach their full potential, we cannot recommend him highly enough." - Alison

2nd Nature Football

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