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Calling All Parents And Players:

- Technical Analysis -

The new and creative way to

transform your game 


Are YOU tired of coaches:

  • saying you are not good enough to play at this level

  • blanking you and not giving you a chance

  • destroying your confidence

  • ​not giving you feedback or constructive criticism 

I’d like to show you how certain information I'll prove you with will blow your mind

And act as your "personal technical coach."


Helping you to consistently play at an 8/10 level each game…

  • So you feel untouchable on the field…

  • Get back to your confident self

  • And enjoy sharper, cleaner and quicker moments and touches on the ball

By doing nothing more than getting and digesting the vital information that comes your way…

In fact, I have helped a number of players too

  • Transition from a local club into a NPL teamget into the team you deserve to play in

  • Make the jump into a 1st grade team – prove to yourself and others that you are talented and willing to make things happen

  • Turn professional and make their dream come truelet the childhood dream become reality

Now you might be thinking this is all too good to be true ...


But I promise you it’s the quickest way for you to get the guidance you need to succeed.


"It was amazing to see every single skill analysed in detail. Now I know where I am and what I really need to work on.

Thanks a lot for that, I feel like I paid cheap for it" 

- Stanley Osuagwu

Northern NSW NPL

"I love it, I can really see what needs to be improved and what I need to focus on!"

- Michael Poulsen

Willowburn Fc

Introducing the 

Technical Analysis



Since there are only these 7 areas,


If you focus on developing each part in a systematic approach your game will sky rocket.


It is also an easy and clear way to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are.


Because we can define the 7 areas, the excuse of: "I am having an off day" is out the window.


What do I mean by this?



Every technical action can be broken down into its little parts and therefore we can see where and what we did wrong.


Think of it as a puzzle. 


The pieces are the small components that make up a big technical skill like passing.


If all the components are used and in the right way, the outcome is amazing!


However, if we are missing a couple of pieces the whole puzzle might look alright but it is not the outcome we want.

"Okay, what's 1 out of the 7 parts that 

we analyze?"


With the record being over 1000 passes in a single 90 minute match...


We start to see that the game is mainly made up of passes.


This is why it is so important to understand passing and all of its 11 small components.


Yes, you read that right...




There are so many great players that have an amazing passing range


But what technique are they using to get the ball to their team mate's feet or even in front of them.


What is next?

The second technical aspect that everyone uses is


Since you will now understand how to pass the ball,


What happens if we find ourselves in trouble and can't get a pass away?


We then turn to dribbling out of tight situations or even dribbling at speed when we have a bit of space.


In this section we break dribbling in its 6 parts.


We evaluate your effectiveness in games and in training


And then take a deeper look at the building blocks that make up dribbling.


It's time to feel confident with the ball at your feet.

The third technique we need to cover is


Control is a no brainer to go over and to be able to executed at a high level


Your first touch set you up for everything:

  • Passing

  • Shooting

  • Keeping the ball

Just to name a few.


And what I figured out was, the top players made this look easy.


They basically have the ball on a string which is attached to their foot.


Where as players looking to get to that level sometimes get a shock


When the ball was suppose to go right, it doesn't.


Due to their poor technique it goes in the opposite direction. 

The importance of the 4th aspect starts to vary between positions. Everyone must do it but

at different levels


Obviously, this is focusing more on the defenders.


That doesn't mean strikers or attackers don't defend.


They are the first line of defense but won't make as many tackles as a wingback for example.


Paolo Maldini famously said that "if I have to make a tackle I have already made a mistake"


As much as we want to have perfect defensive positioning...


that won't always be the case.


We must able to break down why and how 


To stop/delay the opposition from going forward and especially scoring.

The fifth technique that is examined in detail is


Being a winger myself


This is one of my favorite areas to really break down and digest.


Like the 4th area - defending, striking the ball/shooting is more commonly used in strikers.


Once again that doesn't mean defenders can not shoot the ball.


If you just look at the average of your team stats, the striker will have many more shots than a centre back.


It key to be able to develop the confidence in front of goal


As well as being calm and composed.


Having your technique finely tuned and the confidence, calmness and composure will turn you into a lethal finisher.


Now, the last two can be worked on without the ball being at your feet

It's time to turn our attention to


Quickness with and without the ball.


Developing these areas are crucial to all parts of your game.


That could be getting to the ball first, running in behind for a through ball or even changing direction to get a loose ball


No matter which one you choose you have to do it at top speed.


When analyzing this part I brought in one of the fastest sprinters in Australia.


It all about learning from the best to be the best.


Could you break down your sprinting technique?

"What's the last aspect that brings everything together?"


This is where a lot of players fall down.


Awareness is a habit that you need to develop from a young age.


If you are not checking your shoulder you are putting yourself in dangerous situations without your even knowing it


Something as simple as scanning


Can drastically increase the amount of time and space you have.


What do you look for when you are scanning?

So there are the 7 Key areas that we analyze to help you transform your game!

Now this might sound like a lot of things to work on


But when you are able to break down each major skill into its components


you then focus on 2 or 3 small parts each session you do.

You will see amazing results in no time!


I have also use this analysis with a number of players and saw outstanding results too:

  • Passing accuracy improved dramatically

  • ​Dribbling at top speed in open and tight areas became easier

  • ​Changing their first touch from an elephant's to a decent footballer was achievable 

  • ​Players started to hate vsing them in 1 v 1 battles

  • ​Strikers oozed confidence in front of goal since they had their technique finely tuned

  • ​50/50 sprints turned into 70/30 battles in their favour due to their ability to use the correct running technique and being able to change direction faster and smoother

  • ​Vision became a vital part of their game giving them more time and space on the ball

And all these improvements came down to this one thing.....


You can really see why this technical analysis was created!


As you now know,


There are 7 key areas that we focus on and analyze for players.


Inside this analysis you go through an easy and quick process

that provides you with the most in depth technical analysis report on the market!

At the start of the process you are given a number of questions to answer.


There is a detailed guided for basically every question you get asked


which makes everything crystal-clear.


Through the answers you give a 20 page report is generated!

You desperately need the 

7 part technical analysis in your life.

There is simply nothing else like it...


There is no course or offer that comes close to the value and knowledge that the technical analysis has...


This analysis will give you more direction and guidance,


More motivation 


and drastically improve your technique and skill.


Think about this...


I charge players over $500 to learn this face to face with me


and they are all happy to pay it.


Their improvements and the value that this analysis has is undeniable. 




you are going to get it for a fraction of the price.




Actually, there are 3 main reasons:


1) I want to show you I can help through actually helping you. Too many people are offered the world and nothing comes from it. I want to change that and give you something that will make a difference to your football career.


2) I have been in a similar situation like you now and was able to get out the other side. Through hard work and the right guidance my dream of signing a professional contract came true. Why can't you do the same?


3) Its my way of helping football grow even if it is one person at a time. Due to injury cutting my playing career short, coaching has given me an opportunity to promote and develop the game I love by drawing on my own experiences and knowledge.


The fact is,


Understanding and implementing this analysis has changed my life. 


I am able to effect positive change in players.


I just wish I had learnt this during my playing career.


Who knows where I could of been.


I can't justify charging you $500 for the analysis


or even $150


you can get your hands on it...


For one payment of $49.95


To get started now, simply click the button below…


And you’ll then be taken to my secure checkout page…


Where you will complete your purchase.

YES! I want to transform my technique and my game with The Technical Analysis

(Give me instant access now)



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