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Alex Lamond
2nd Nature Football's Nutritionist

I am Alex Lamond, a certified sports nutritionist who is presently pursuing a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney. My expertise in sports nutrition comes from my academic pursuits and my consultations with renowned sports dietitians.

In my role as an intern, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with NRL players, and my personal experiences in sports have aided me in comprehending the significance of optimal nutrition for high-level performance. I am skilled in adapting this knowledge to individuals of all ages.

How To
Work With

Please find the steps below on how you can get the most out of Alex experience, so that your nutrition knowledge and application of that knowledge sky rockets

Our Services

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Purchase Our E-Book

Our comprehensive ebook provides evidence-based nutrition information in one easy-to-read guide. You'll learn everything from macro/micronutrients to meal planning, with expert advice, sample plans, and recipes to get started. Say goodbye to nutrition overwhelm and hello to a healthier you on and off the field.


Diet Review

Are you tired of generic nutrition information that don't take your unique needs and goals into account? With Alex and through his diet review, you'll receive  personalized feedback that's tailored specifically to you and what you eat. Maximize your performance on the field with expert advice and guidance from a trusted professional.


Meal Plan

Alex creates a customized meal plan to help football players succeed. With expert knowledge of macro and micronutrients, they'll develop a plan to fuel your body for optimal performance. Get a personalized strategy to help you achieve your goals on and off the field.

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