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Here is what parents/players are saying about our Sessions...

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"The intensity is great. I really admire the way the coaches encourage the player to push themselves as hard as they can for that hour." - Alison

"The sessions are challenging and more intense than normal training sessions I have done before. The coaches make it fun and competitive making me want to try my best." - Sam

"Variety and intensity , boys have never come home and said they didn’t enjoy the session ( whereas during normal soccer season you hear it often that training was boring ) . The “ fun “ competition trying to beat the coach motivates them also and they enjoy the challenge. " - Jenny

Here are some of the results we have got for players...

"Better shooting, better first touch, awareness, improved passing " - Emily

"More confident with his touch, striking the ball and control on the ball." - Luke

"One on one has been great, building confidence, development of individual skills." - Thomas

"Massive improvements in body positioning, weak foot and dribbling as well as football in general" - Daniel


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